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Tablets with keyboard increase productivity at workplace with fast and accurate typing. The best tablets with keyboard should be portable, must have well designed keys for smoother typing and extra batteries for longer running.

Tablets having keyboard come in two major forms, the ones with integrated keyboard and detachable keyboard dock. If you are looking for tablets which provide functionality like PC, HP offers tablets which are notebook convertibles and light to be easily carried anywhere would serve you the best. Furthermore, you may go for Lenovo IdeaTab tablets which are laptop convertibles. Though the tablets are bulky with extra weight of the keyboard, the battery life is long enough to keep the tablet running for up to 20 hours.

Tablets from Asus, Acer and Microsoft have optional keyboard docks. Asus tablets have mobile docks with touchpad, USB ports, SD card ports and an extended battery life up to 16 hours. If you are looking for a bluetooth keyboard, Acer has good tablets to offer. Besides, tablets from Microsoft have well designed detachable keyboards acting as protective covers apart from offering you great typing.

For touch-typists, iPad onscreen keyboard may provide better typing experience than physical keyboard. However, if you still need a keyboard for your iPad then Apple has bluetooth wireless keyboard available in its accessories store. Also, there are external Logitech Ultrathin bluetooth enabled keyboards which come with covers and do not add much thickness to the tablets.

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