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The best tablet for students are handy, lightweight, have excellent input capabilities and possess long battery life. These tablets are made more productive with the access to more apps to use at schools and colleges. Here, we mention the prerequisites of the best tablets for students.

Most of the tablets available have screen size of 7 inch which are pocketable. But, if you are willing to carry a larger tablet for better readability then definitely go for Apple tablets. There are tablets out there which weigh less than 0.5 lb while some are bulkier. The tablets for students in terms of weight should be around 1lb for easy carrying.
Also, students should go for rugged designed tablets, however not many are there in the market. Intel has some good tablet options with rugged design and can withstand shock.

Students can always access unrestricted and a large number of apps using Android tablets. For top rated and high quality apps, Apple's iOS based user friendly tablets would be preferable but those are costlier.

Battery life
At least 8 hours of battery life is required to keep the tablets running during school or college. Apple tablets have about 10 hours of battery life while tablets from Intel run for less than 6 hours.

Connectivity: The tablets having only Wi-Fi connectivity will serve the purpose of information retrieval. Though 3G / 4G enabled tablets keep you connected to internet all the time but those involve the added cost.
Input methods: It is better for students to have keyboard or stylus pen as means of input compared to the touch screen. For scribbling and handwritten notes, Samsung tablets with stylus pen are the obvious choice.

In an effort to help you choose your ideal companion to studies, we present here a listing of the best tablet for students based on the topmost reviews around the web.

Sony Xperia Z4


1. Sony Xperia Z4    $800

Apple iPad Air 2


2. Apple iPad Air 2    $560 - $650

Google Nexus 9


3. Google HTC Nexus 9    $400 - $500

Nvidia Shield Tablet


4. Nvidia Shield Tablet    $400

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4


5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4    $400 - $500

Buying tips to find the Best Tablet For Students of 2015

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