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Plasma TVs have borrowed the working principle of a fluorescent light to display the picture images. They contain glass panels filled with gas which is electrically charged to produce UV light. This interacts with the phosphor coating to produce the different spectra of colors. The thickness of the glass panels used for both the front and back substrate is what decides the depth of the TVs.

Manufacturers have remained consistent in the thickness of the glass panels for years. But recently with advancements in technology, they have reduced the panel thickness to around 2 to 4 inches. Thus decreasing weight and shipping costs. On the flip side, its not possible to reduce the depth any further. Less space for the interaction between the light and gas results in poor picture quality.

This does not deter the manufacturers from improving the other supporting factors such as motion enhance technology, better wider viewing angles, sound, 3D technology etc so that the best viewing experience is presented to you.

Presently placed in between the LEDs and the LCDs in terms of depth size, the top rated thinnest plasma TVs are from Panasonic, Samsung. You can expect richer blacks with excellent color contrasts. With their thin styling, compact looks, they will add to the interiors of any living room. Be it wall mounted or tucked away in a small space, they are space saving. The slim designing adds to the premium prices commanded by these plasma sets.

For the best dark room viewing and performance with deeper blacks, better motion resolution, shadow details, better viewing angle, richer color performance, decent uniformity across the entire image panel, select from among the thinnest plasma TVs listed below.

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