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TMC Corporation, an American company is in the market for business or office phones. The best TMC phones are sold under the Epic systems line. Each of the systems can have up to 4 multi line, expandable up to 16 extensions. The unique characteristics of the widely used TMC phones are their Plug & Play operation. To start using these small office/business phone system, all you have to do is plug it to the telephone line jack and its ready for use. With easy setup instructions you don't require any complex wiring or additional support to use these phones.

All the usual features found in a typical office phone such as the caller ID, call waiting, answering machine, intercom, speakerphone etc is found in these efficient and expandable TMC phones. The built in auto attendant is a feature wherein, it directly transfers to the extension of the person whom you are calling without having to wait. With a headset and speaker phone jack, you optionally connect a music system or a headphone to these phones.

Extra feature modules
To enhance your phone experience, phones from TMC can have Add on feature modules which provide additional features such as door intercom, music on hold, external paging to support the existing features. You need separate modules for each of these features. The External Cordless Adapter is another module which when connected to the TMC phone system converts the single line cordless phone to multi line phone that can communicate with the other phones of the system through the intercom.

For the smooth and efficient handling of your office telephone needs, you can opt for the practical and best TMC phones from those shown below.

TMC EV4500 Corded Phone


1. TMC EV4500    $187 - $192

TMC ET4300 Corded Phone


2. TMC ET4300    $171

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