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With the supply of its devices in 40 countries having the maps of 104 countries, TomTom is a household name for GPS devices. Award-winning product from TomTom, HD Traffic is available in 23 countries.

In the GPS device market, Garmin is TomTom's greatest competitor and rival. Unlike many of its competitors, TomTom has been a self-supplier of maps for its GPS devices since the acquisition of digital map making company Tele Atlas recently.

Broadly TomTom is focused on three types of products: navigation devices, in-dashboard navigation/car control services and navigation software for installation on mobile devices.
TomTom's in-car location and navigation products include portable navigation devices, in-dash infotainment systems, fleet management solutions, maps and real-time services.
Car navigation has convenient features like spoken street names and large (5.0") and high quality touchscreen.

TomTom offers you its latest outdoor navigation products at the most reasonable prices under $250 most of which supports great features like Bluetooth compatibility which is indispensable for use in car and trucks.

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