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The best Toshiba i7 laptops find wide application in multimedia, gaming and business. Screen sizes of 15 inch to 18 inch are prominent in these Core i7 Toshiba laptops. Having different editions of Windows 7 and Windows 8, these laptops have a processor speed of 2GHz or more for good performance.

The product lines Toshiba KIRAbook and Qosmio mostly contain Intel Core i7 processors are expensive laptops. When buying Toshiba i7 laptops you should opt for at least which should contain a RAM size of 4GB or more and HDD capacity of at least 500GB. As Toshiba i7 laptops are good for gaming and video editing you can choose those having spindle speeds of 7200 RPM and dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics processors.

Below we have listed the best Toshiba i7 laptops of 2013 which is based on the viewpoints of the topmost gadget experts across the internet.

Buying tips to find the Best Toshiba i7 Laptop of 2014

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