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Toshiba Corporation, a Tokyo based consumer electronics company offers the Gigabeat line of digital media players. These mp3 players usually have hard drives as memory storage type with capacities ranging from 10GB to around 60 GB. There are also flash drive based mp3 players which offer 4GB to around 8GB of storage.

A distinguishable design seen in the best mp3 players from Toshiba is the Plus Touch control cross present on its front face. Each tip of the cross, as well as the intersection, is actually a button which lets you access the various features of the player. Although its a different design, customers may take some time getting used to it.

Compared to other mp3 players which usually have the volume controls, track advance/reverse and play buttons on the front face of the device, the Toshiba players has them along the right side of the player. For a hard drive based player, these mp3 players are surprisingly lightweight.

The mp3 players from Toshiba has a docking cradle. The USB connector present in it can be used to charge the unit. When the CD RipRec button is pressed, it also can be used to transfer audio files directly from CD's without first storing them on your PC. This feature allows the transfer of the entire collection of songs from CD to the player with installing any additional software.

The sound quality is good and can be controlled by the different equaliser settings.You can play all the media files having common formats such as avi, mov, mp3, wav, wma, wmv, jpeg, bmp comfortably on the screen size which varies from 1.1 to 3 inches. This can be either touch screens or vga displays. The Gigabeat Room management or the Napster To Go software allows you to effectively organise or transfer media files.

Toshiba mp3 players are not big on features compared to other mp3 players from Sony or Apple or Samsung. Offering decent quality sound for the price it commands, take a look at the best mp3 players from Toshiba as listed below.

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