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Toshiba has always been a pioneer when it comes to technology. The best Toshiba Smart TVs has all the usual features such as good sound and picture quality while offering internet access. Although Toshiba is not a major player in the flat panel segment, it is making a stand in the mid size screen category. It is improving its Smart TV functionality from the previous models by introducing the new Cloud TV smart platform. Even though its a new feature, it makes interaction with the various apps present in the smart tv hub easier and smarter.

There is also the Mediaguide feature that is similar to your online encyclopedia of all things related to entertainment. It gives the result of any search and also displays any programmes related to this subject. Currently there are 3 portals being listed when this app is launched : EPG portal that mimics the inbuilt program guide displaying all the programme listing, the TV portal which shows a preview of programs and lets you watch the same when selected and the Movies portal that is more like a video on demand service that allows you to watch your favorite movie from any of the providers which Toshiba has a tie up with.

While constantly trying to improve its Smart TV standing among the other TV manufacturers, Toshiba has made some changes to its user interface for easy access. The menu interface is user friendly but its slow navigation is something Toshiba needs to look at if it wants to compete among others. The best Toshiba Smart TVs available in the market allow progressive search for any item meaning it offers suggestions related your search item which is a significant improvement from the previous models. The access to the online content in these Smart TV is very basic compared with Panasonic or Samsung.

Adequate number of HDMI ports are more than sufficient to connect to your external components. The built-in WiFi enables internet access to the Smart TV features as well as your home network. With the PC-input also present the Toshiba allows viewing of photos, videos, music on the TV.

The Toshiba Smart TV's are not in the same league as the Panasonic or Samsung, but it is making an effort in getting there. Its brand name is what will get it to the top. Check out our selection of the best Toshiba Smart TV's from below which is rated taking into account the expert reviews from around the world.

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