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Toshiba produces thinnest Android tablets under Excite and Thrive product lines. The best Toshiba tablets have storage capacity up to 64GB and come with dual-core and quad-core processors. All the Toshiba tablets support Adobe Flash-enabled web for high-impact and rich web browsing experience. Toshiba offers high-resolution LED screen tablets which use Toshiba's AutoBrite technology for sharper and brighter images, adjusts based on the ambient light environment.

Excite line of Toshiba products are stylish tablets with ultra-thin and durable body. Excite tablets come in two screen-size models: 7.1 inch and 10 inch. Pre-installed with Android's latest operating system, most of the Excite line of tablet models offer the OS upgradability support. The advanced NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor on these models help in better multitasking, and this quad-core processor are also designed for lesser battery power consumption.

Some of the hardware features on Excite line of products, like, dual HD cameras, stereo speakers, HDMI, USB ports and SD card slots for memory expandability, are worth your money..

The best Toshiba tablets under Thrive product line are highly customizable and convenient for portable entertainment. Having screen sizes of 7 inch and 10 inch, Thrive tablets can be preferred for games, movies, photo and ebooks. These Android-based tablets having dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor offer you the benefits like Resolution+ and Adaptive Display Technology. Toshiba's Resolution+ upscales the visual content from standard definition to high definition and Adaptive Display Technology adjusts brightness and contrast according to the surrounding light conditions.

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