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Touch screen technology has begun driving digital cameras too of late. In fact, the handling of the digital cameras has been made simpler and faster, and the touch interface has added to the convenience of the camera usage, especially for beginners.

In point and shoot cameras, a subject can be focussed on and zoomed in with just a tap, the stored images can be browsed by flipping the images through the touch; and the control of the various settings is got by just tapping the menu icons provided on the LCD screen. Adding to this, a few manufactures allow the user to edit and modify a photo to save and share it. The usage of swivel touch screens makes it a lot easier to capture moments in some hard shooting conditions.

Touch controlled cameras however, are quite expensive when compared to the normal ones, and some of the touch interfaces could be slow and also drain your battery sooner. So the best touch screen cameras give you the luxury of a good sensitive touch screen along with long battery life.

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