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The name transcend literally means best, eclipse, outstrip, outdo etc. So it is with the brand name Transcend. Established in 1988, the Taiwan based company has almost overshadowed its competitors in the field of memory storage devices. Although not known for manufacturing mp3 players, these mp3 players can also be used as additional storage devices.

Having a internal memory capacity ranging from 1GB to around 8GB means you can have all the music collection right in the palm of your hands. With expansion slots, additional storage can be obtained. It can also used as an external hard drive to share documents, files, media files etc. USB support implies easy transfer of media files/documents between the PC and the mp3 player, which requires no additional media softwares for syncing between them.

Transcend mp3 players are stylishly designed, usually weighing less than 2 ounce. With easy to use and intuitive playback controls, navigation to your favorite music/video/photo is a breeze. Equipped with a good quality headphone and a sports clip, you can make the player almost hands free and portable - ideally suited for the sports or on the move person. The usual 1.8 to 2.4 inch OLED screen display makes viewing easy from all angles, even in bright settings.

The top rated Transcend mp3 players supports the RM/RMVB (RealMedia Variable Bitrate) file formats along with the popular formats such as MPEG4, avi, mov, jpeg, bmp, MP3, WMA, WAV,FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). These players include the smart recording facility which records FM, line-in or voice and is stored as mp3 formats for later playback. With a customisable playlist based on your selection, expect good quality music from these mp3 players. Some of these players even have ebook feature supported in .txt formats. All this alongside, the normal music playing features complete with sound equalizer, balancer, a long lasting battery life of 15 hrs of playing music is present in the best Transcend mp3 players.

Moneywise be wise:
The average range for any Transcend mp3 players is between $30 to around $80 maximum. This can include the video, photo viewing capability along with the music. These budget mp3 players from Transcend are suitable for those who value listening to just music and not for other extra features present in its competitors.

With Transcend company mainly focusing on storage devices, the mp3 players from here are not so popular among the customers. If you are still keen on buying the best mp3 players from Transcend, compiled below is the list, based on ratings gathered from reviews which will make it easier.

Transcend MP870  8 GB  MP3 Player


1. Transcend MP870   

Transcend MP330  4 GB  MP3 Player


2. Transcend MP330    $38

8 GB Transcend MP3 and Video Player 860 / TS4GMP860 Digital Media Player


3. Transcend MP860   

Transcend T.sonic 850 - Digital player / radio - radio / digital player / recorder - flash 8 GB - WM... Digital Media Player


4. Transcend T-Sonic 850   

TRANSCEND T SONIC 630 1GB (1 GB, 250 Songs) MP3 Player


5. Transcend T-Sonic with FM tuner, voice recorder 512 MB   

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