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The plethora of High Definition television sets capable of good bright room performance are available today from all the leading TV manufacturers, like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG etc.

Television sets must match up to the brightness of a well-lit room for good viewing experience, and the brightness of an HDTV is measured in cd/m2, and the higher this value, the better is brighter the display. While HDTVs are available in Plasma, LED and LCD technology, Plasma sets are not an option for well-lit rooms, so you've only the LCD and LED choices open. LED/LCD TVs typically have a high light output value as opposed to plasma TVs, which is why they're much better suited for bright rooms.

Between LCD and LED TVs, you're much better off opting for an efficient LED TV, since they are known to last longer and offer much better picture quality; and traditional LCD TVs are almost phased out. To know more about the advantages of an LED panel over a traditional LCD TV do visit our best LED HDTVs or best LCD TVs, page. Nonetheless, even the best LED TVs suffer slightly from reflection of ambient light, so we recommend going in for a matte screen.

Both LCD and LED TVs are out with screens perfect for rooms of any size, with LED TVs ranging from 27" to even 70". With this little formula you can figure out the display size best suited to your room- Display size = viewing distance/2. Though most of these televisions are 1080p Full HD, some halt at just 720p, but that's okay, cause once you've got high definition, one resolution is quite like another for screens smaller than around 60".

Our list of the best TVs for bright rooms takes you through a gamut of options from HD, to 3D and SmartTV. Typically most of these are going to be LED TVs with either edge-lit or Full Array-lit panels, Passive or Active 3D (depending on the brand), and a host of web capabilities, all contingent on your budget.

Note: In general matte screens (which are not glossy) are good for bright rooms and high-end LED screens these days tend to have glossy screens which are not suggestible for usage in the places where light cannot be controlled. Most TVs nowadays are LEDs and hence the glossy screens. Those TVs which use anti-reflective filters are good for bright rooms, you need to go through the product features for finding such products since the feature is implemented on specific models and is not included in specs list by any manufacturer. Also, prefer LCD screens which are quite better than the LED TVs for usage in bright rooms.

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