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Typical home use would need to account for a great movie watching experience and ability to view streaming HD content in the maximum detail possible.

For the best movie watching experience, the critical feature is LCD response rate. The response rate, measured in milliseconds, refers to the time taken for each pixel to go from a completely active state to a completely inactive state and back. The lower the refresh rate, the faster the screen refreshes which reduces image artifacts during times of rapid screen change - like in action or sports scenes. The best flat panels for home use would typically give you a refresh rate of 5 ms or lower.

Additionally, to be able to view all streaming HD content in its maximum glory you need to have a resolution of 1080p (1920x1080 pixels). Take the resolution any lower and you would be compromising on the picture quality which most channels can provide.

Our best hdtvs for home use list is filtered by flat panel tvs which have a refresh rate of 5 ms at the most and a supported display resolution of 1080p.

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