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Sub-$1000 is a great price point to get some of the best LCD TVs of around the 40 inch screen size. However, if you are willing to spend just a little bit more you can afford some of the entry level LED tvs which typically have a much better picture quality as opposed to LCD TVs.

The TVs under $1000 are the top end models with all the latest Smart TV apps, streaming services, Skype video. They are more tuned to access internet facilities with reasonably good WiFi or Ethernet Lan connections. Excellent picture quality when viewed in both normal or bright room settings, good contrast and black levels is what you expect when paying such a big price. Good off angle viewing, motion enhancer technology to reduce the blurs seen during high action movies or videos, 3D, clean and simple interfaces for easy navigation to various settings - some of the features which is by default in these under $1000 TVs.

The top brands for the best hdtvs under $1000 include Vizio and Panasonic

Buying tips to find the Best TV Under $ 1000 of 2014 - 2015

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