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$500 is a great price point to buy some of the best LCD Flat panel tvs upto sizes of around 32 inch. Typically, HDTVs with a higher screen size are priced much higher, and so are the better performing LED and Plasma HDTVs. Flat panels TVs under this category are usually internet ready capable of accessing the different online apps easily. It all depends on the speed of the internet connection either Ethernet or WiFi.

The picture display is great for Plasma TVs in dark settings, while the LED's in this bracket are ideally suited for normal viewing conditions. Having ample HDMI, USB, composite/component connections enables you to use external devices such DVD players, BluRay's, Xbox etc. Depending on brand you opt for there are variations in the interfaces/menu or the type of remotes available, each having its own pros and cons.

3D, Smart TV features with easily customisable menus interfaces, gaming options are some of the features to look for when buying the best TVs under $500. Vizio is the leading brand to buy at the sub-$500 price point although Sony, Proscan and JVC also have some good options.

Toshiba 29L1350U 29-Inch 60Hz LED TV


1. Toshiba L1350U    $388 - $854

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