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Small, snazzy, slim and ultra-cool, the best ultra compact digital cameras in the market today are all this and more and take great pictures too. Whether on a family vacation, or at a party or at your kid's concert these cameras allow you to capture those memorable moments by simply flicking them out of your handbag or pocket.

The best ultra-compacts are the smallest pocket cameras easy on the pocket and are available right from around $150. They come equipped with in-built image stabilization, powerful lenses and HD video recording.

Apart from being lightweight and feature-packed, the best ultra-compacts make a fashion statement as well with their slim looks and snazzy designs and colors. They emphasize on user friendly design with some of the models sporting touchscreens. If you are always on the go and want to have a handy snapshooter and resist the idea of a bulky cameras and lenses then the digital ultra-compacts offer a wide range of choice for you.

Almost all players in the digital camera market have a lot to offer in the compact and ultra-compact camera range targeted at amateurs and newbies. Choosing the best ultra compact digital camera is a tall order. Opt for a model with in-built image stabilization as they can be prone to camera shake due to the light weight as well as availability of a viewfinder for the sunny outdoors shots. Many models offer advanced features such as face detection as well, for capturing excellent portraits. Check out our list of such best pocketable cameras 2013, top rated by some of the best digital camera reviewers around the web.

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