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Ultra-zoom cameras are most suited for very long distance photography. The key enabling feature is a very high optical zoom. The best ultra-zooms though combine the high zoom range with an equally effective image stabilization.

Most standard cameras max out at 4-5x optical zoom and max 10x optical zoom but ultra zoom cameras reach upto 30x optical zoom and some even as high as 50x optical zoom. These are also known as megazooms or bird zoom or superzoom.

Taking pics at such long distances can easily lead to blurred or fuzzy images with the slightest of hand shakes. Consequently the best ultra-zoom cameras come with very good image stabilization also. The image stabilization is the key when it comes to taking pictures with ultra-zooms. Typically ultra-zooms come with an optical image stabilization, which is unlike the inbody stabilization which is found in high end DSLR's. The inbody stabilization uses the internal camera dynamics to stabilize the lens. Some of the best cameras released in 2013 have very good ultra-zooming capabilities.

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