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Uniden, a Japanese based corporation is one of the major players in the telecommunications field. With its wide range of telephones it caters to both home and business needs paying attention to the advancements made in the sound and communications field.

Common traits of all Uniden Phones
Common to all the types of phones manufactured from Uniden is the clear audio clarity operating with a range of frequencies from 1.9 GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8 GHz. Having the option to expand up to 12 handsets with each handset capable of interacting with the main base, gives you mobility and privacy which you desire. The cordless phones from Uniden being its strong point, it uses the Dect6.0 technology offering superior audio clarity, better security along with less interference from other wireless networks.

All the usual features such as call waiting, call hold, caller ID,caller announce, answering machine with a minimum of 15 minutes of recording etc. are present in the best Uniden phones. Around 10 hrs of talk time with 7-10 days of standby time, these phones allow you to extend the battery life. Special mention is the Eco mode feature which also extends battery life by consuming less power when enabled.

Big buttons with backlight for both handsets & main base, speed dial, redial, flash buttons, are all common across the corded, cordless or the bundled phone setup from the Uniden stable. The slim line design which is the most basic phone can be both desktop or wall mounted and is most suitable as a backup phone in dormitories or homes. As an additional design you can opt for the tilted LCD display with large text and phones with audio boost buttons that can amplify sound by about 20 dB to 50 dB for those who are hard of hearing or have vision problems.

Exclusive to Uniden Phones
Uniden is the only brand which manufacturers waterproof cordless handsets. These top rated phones can be used as a standalone unit or as part of the cordless expansion system. With its waterproof and sturdy design, these handsets can be easily retrieved when accidently thrown into water.

Using the Bluetooth, you can link with up to four cell phones with these Uniden phones, thus effectively managing all your calls from one place. Collectively around 6000 contact names/numbers from all of the paired cell phones can be accessed from these widely used phones.

Economical and price worthy
Uniden phones are pocket friendly while at the same time offering effective call functionality with superior sound clarity, security within its range of operation. The most basic corded phones are priced at around $10 with additional features pulling up the price to around $100 and above. With extra features being added the pricing also goes up with the top rated ones giving you different choices.

The best Uniden phones which are economical, feature rich and provide better sound quality are available as shown below and are rated based on the expert reviews from around the web.

Uniden CEZ202 Slimline Corded Phone


1. Uniden CEZ202    $25

Uniden D1788 1-Handset Landline Telephone


2. Uniden D1788   

Uniden D3098S Expandable Corded/Cordless Phone


3. Uniden D3098S    $280

Uniden DCX160 5.8 GHz 1-Line Cordless Phone


4. Uniden DCX160    $80

Uniden CEZ260 Phone


5. Uniden CEZ260    $47

Buying tips to find the Best Uniden Phone of 2015

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