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As the US's largest cell phone service provider, Verizon Wireless offers its customers a wide choice in handset models, from high-end smartphones to basic budget-friendly models.
The company has lined up phones capable of multimedia and other desirable features in a variety of models beyond smartphones. As with other similar cell phone providers, Verizon offers subsidy on the cost of the instrument against a contract commitment for the service. The customer benefits by getting a great device for free - almost.
One of the best features of Verizon cellphones is the availability of Internet telephony (VoIP) with Skype mobile, based on the chosen data plan. Note that other carriers forbid VoIP. This application enables free Skype-to-Skype calls and instant messaging worldwide. The added attraction is access to lower international calling rates to landlines and cell phones.

A few more of the applications and features of the models offered by Verizon include

  • Several entertainment options like music downloads, V CAST Videos, Mobile TV.
  • Several customizations vis-a-vis ringtones, ringback tones and wallpapers.
  • GPS service called VZ Navigator.
  • Family Locator service to using the phone or a computer.
  • Push-to-Talk functionality (walkie-talkie feature) to connect quickly with other single users or groups.
  • Unlimited messaging plan for 3G multimedia phones and feature phones at a monthly charge.
  • A few other features to look for while choosing a Verizon cell phone depending on the budget.
  • Display size
  • Battery life
  • OS and processor type.
  • Camera resolution
  • Connectivity (Bluetooth, USB, WiFi)
  • 4G capability

Customer service, network reach and reliability have been the reasons behind Verizon Wireless' popularity. The service is well-liked for the variety of unlimited pricing plans on offer - unlimited voice plan for individual users ($69.99 per month), unlimited talk and messaging plan ($89.99 monthly) and unlimited talk & text plans for families (starting $149.99 for two lines). The best Verizon cell phones come from different stables - Samsung, HTC and Motorola, which means that the user can be quite choosy.

Samsung Galaxy S6


1. Samsung Galaxy S6    $685 - $1,000



2. LG G4    $610 - $800

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge    $815 - $1,250

Apple iPhone 6


4. Apple iPhone 6    $900

HTC One M9


5. HTC One M9    $709 - $950

Buying tips to find the Best Verizon Cell Phone of 2015

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