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When speaking of a DVD player, 'Best video' implies being able to support high quality content and relaying a good picture. With the stiff competition in the market today, leading brands are fighting their way into the top places, not with better video quality, but with increased features. So what does good video quality ultimately come down to?

Since much of today's media content is in HD - and is soon going to be completely in HD - a good DVD player must be capable of displaying high definition content. A DVD player's maximum resolution is 480p and what you generally get from cinema nowadays is 720p, 1080i and 1080p. So many of the best DVD players are made with the capability to upconvert content to 1080p using an HDMI cable, as well as support this HD content and play it. Nevertheless, video quality is not really comparable to what your would get from an actual HD player.

HD DVD players however, got out of production years ago, so anyone looking for the best video quality now, has but one option. To play true high definition content from a Blu-ray disc. That's right! We're asking you to stop thinking in terms of DVD, and consider Blu-Ray instead. Blu-Ray players are capable of playing Blu-Ray discs which are full HD and also your old DVD collection in much better picture quality. Incidentally, this is one of the reasons Blu-ray players often pop up even when you're searching for DVD players.

Coming to the format support, a good video DVD/Blu-ray player should be able to play almost any file you need, like MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, MP3, WMA, WMV, FLAC and JPEG. Even if the player doesn't support all of these, check out the formats most important to you.

Next, check out the available ports to see whether it matches whatever you intend to connect it to- your home cinema, TV or AV receiver. Blu-ray players and many of the latest DVD players come with HDMI output ports (sometimes dual HDMI), but if your AVR does not have one too, you're stuck. Most players however, do come with other kinds of connection hubs too, like composite video and audio, optical output ethernet and a USB port, so what you need to do is pick a good match. If you have a choice between HDMI and something else though, don't think twice about buying an HDMI cable. It's by far the clearest and fastest connection you can get for HD content.

The best video DVD players or Blu-ray players come with several other additional features from Wi-fi, apps from where you can stream content, to 3D. Scroll down and click on a model to view its specs, reviews and price options.

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