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Based in California, Vizio is a privately held consumer electronics manufacturing company that's come out with some pretty stunning HDTVs, of late.

Vizio HDTVs are present in a diverse collection of screen sizes going up to 70 inches and aspect ratios of traditional 16:9 as well as a widescreen aspect ratio of 21:9 on their 3D TVs. Vizio claim that their 3D TVs with this wide display are like no other, throwing you right into the movie itself.

Speaking of 3D, Vizio, like LG, support passive 3D technology with flicker-free polarized 3D glasses included with the set, or sold separately.

Vizio also have a set of SmartTVs with apps for either streaming movies from online web stores like NetFlix, or with Full web browsers to let you have a free reign on what you surf on the internet. For users who're keen on video conferencing via large screen TVs, Vizio includes a Skype compatibility feature.

The products displayed below represent a collection of the best Vizio HDTVs in the market, as rated by expert reviews. These TVs are marked by quick response times and good refresh rates which serve to eliminate any motion blur; and wide viewing angles to give you the liberty to place your HDTV anywhere you please.

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