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The best Vizio home theatre equipment are a whole new bunch of innovative devices from the manufacturer.

The sound bars from Vizio are designed to match the HDTV demands and the manufacturer has implemented enhanced bass performance and wider listening angles for a best home theatre experience.

To match the size of the HDTVs, the Vizio sound bars vary from 32" to 54" to accommodate most medium to large-sized TVs. And to suit the sound output to the environment, the manufacturer offers different sound equipment combination: 2.0 for most rooms, 2.1 adds a subwoofer for extra bass, Premium 3.0 provides enhanced dialog clarity, and 5.1 surround for a complete home theatre experience.

Some of the best Vizio home theatres feature an integrated Deep Bass Module system which provides low frequency responses for deep, room-shaking bass without the need for an external subwoofer.

The manufacturer recommends longer soundbars so that they allow a wider separation between the left and right channels for a superior stereo experience. Added, this added length could also project sound across a larger area, creating a wider soundstage ideal for big screen home theatres.

The other features of Vizio home theatres include Wireless Audio and Bluetooth.

Wireless Audio: The 2.1 and 5.1 sound bars with a wireless subwoofer add up for a simple
plug-and-play process delivering deeper bass without tangled wires.
Bluetooth: The Vizio home theatre systems also feature built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming with compatible devices.

Along with these, Vizio home theatres also support connectivity options from RCA analog to digital to two-way HDMI. The best Vizio sound bars can be bought under the $500 price range.

VIZIO S4251w-B4 5.1 Soundbar


1. VIZIO S4251w-B4   

VIZIO VSB207BT 32-Inch Home Theater Sound Bar


2. VIZIO VSB207BT   

Vizio SB4021M-A1 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer


3. Vizio SB4021M-A1   

Vizio SB4020M-A0 40" VIZIO 2.0 Home Theater Sound Bar


4. Vizio SB4020M-A0   

VIZIO SB4021E-A0 40-Inch 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar


5. VIZIO SB4021E-A0   

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