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Vizio is an American consumer electronics company and manufactures some of the best and most affordable televisions in the market

Vizio offers SmartTVs in a wide range of sizes, from 24 inches to as huge as 70 inches and classify their collection into two categories: 3D Smart TVs and Smart TVs without 3D. Vizio does not enter the plasma TV market and their Smart TVs are typically LED TVs, although they have known to have made a few LCD smart TVs too. Their LED TVs generally offer local dimming (Smart dimming) to enrich the contrast ratio and deliver better picture detail.

From the 3D perspective, Vizio has always stood by passive 3D technology as opposed to active 3D. Passive 3D means flicker-free, battery-free, polarised 3D glasses. Check out our best 3D TV page for more details. Vizio's 3D Smart TVs include the required 3D glasses in the box.

Coming to Smart TV features, Vizio Smart TVs connect to the internet through a built-in Wi-fi. Vizio has all the latest apps to offer like streaming from Netflix, Hulu plus, Pandora, Youtube, Vudu etc., as well as social networking with Facebook and Twitter.

The best of Vizio's Smart TVs offer all the contemporary smart TV features at a much lower price point.

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