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Vizio is a relatively young North America based producer of consumer electronics and is a much smaller company as compared to the other brands producing flat panel tvs.

Vizio has flat screen television offerings in plentiful, from LED backlit TVs to the more traditional LCD models, with full HD, 3D and Smart features; all in ultra thin frames.

With LEDs as a backlighting source, Vizio LED TVs are available from 22 inches to giant 70 inch pieces and are 1080p resolution with great colour and contrast. Vizio also offer two types of LED backlighting: TruLed and Razor LED, which are actually synonymous to Direct-lit and Edge-lit LED. TruLED TVs have the light emitting diodes placed directly behind the screen and provide superior picture quality to Razor LED TVs which have the light emitting diodes fitted all around the screen. The best Vizio TVs also implement Smart Dimming, Vizio's term for the local dimming feature deployed by most of the best LED HDTVs. Local dimming controls zones of LEDs to shut them off when deep blacks are needed for better contrast in scenes. Want to know more? Visit our best LED HDTVs page

Vizio is one of the few manufacturers that still that haven't abandoned their focus on LCD TVs and their LCD HDTV market come in a range of screen sizes up to around 50 inches. However not all of Vizio's LCD TVs are 1080p and many of their models come with full HD up to 720p resolution.

When it come to 3D, Vizio champion Passive 3D technology, the latest trend in 3D revolution. Passive 3D TVs, use polarized glasses whose lenses are polarized in such a way as to display only certain pixels to each eye, serving to create a 3D effect with less motion blur and flickering. Eliminating the need for batteries, Vizio's passive 3D is cheaper, less bulky and more convenient to use. On the downside, the passive 3D system works in such a way that 3D content can only be viewed in half the resolution of the source material. Vizio's 3D TVs are also typically Smart TVs, but surprisingly 3D is not limited to their LED models but are also available in their higher end LCD TVs.

Vizio Smart television gives you Wi-fi for easy internet usage and also access to several applications including popular social networking sites, Youtube, NetFlix and more, while the best Vizio Smart TVs are also Skype compatible. Our list of the best Vizio TVs are the top rated flat screen televisions that Vizio's come out with in the last year.

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