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VTech, established in 1976 is a Hong Kong based company and leading pioneer in consumer electronics most notable for its line of cordless phones. They introduced the worlds first digital 900MHz and 5.8GHz cordless phones.

The best VTech cordless phones are known for their default caller ID/call waiting functionality along with voice announcing of the name/number feature. Their range of cordless expansion handsets capable of expanding up to 5-12 handsets, makes them effective for both home & office use. Using a phone with answering machine feature and recording time of about 15 minute makes it convenient to return the calls at a later point of time. These VTech phones correctly time stamp each message with date & time using the built in clock. The VTech phones use Dect6.0 technology. Its a standard which uses 1.9GHz for transmission resulting in clearer sound clarity, higher protection from eavesdroppers and less interferences from other wireless networks.

Connect to Cell feature which is common to all Dect6.0 phones from VTech and some corded/cordless VTech phones enables you to connect your cell phones via Bluetooth to the phone system. So you are able to answer your cell calls at home overcoming the cellular dead spots present at homes.

Push to talk, intercom, multiline, conference call between an outside line and upto 4 handsets are some of the additional features the VTech phones has to offer.

Looks & Design:
The best VTech Phones are available in attractive colors with a backlit keypad and LCD display for easy reading of the number & names. You can buy the optional headset for a handsfree conversation or use the speakerphones which are designed both in the main base unit or the handsets. For people who are hard of hearing, the 3-5 step volume control helps to hear clearly.

To buy the best VTech phones which are reliable, attractive, value for money and which supports all your call needs, check out the VTech phones, top rated based on reviews given by experts.

VTech CS6609 1-Handset Landline Telephone


1. VTech CS6609    $13

VTech CS6419 Cordless Phone


2. VTech CS6419    $37

VTech CS6409 Cordless Phone


3. VTech CS6409    $15

Vtech CS6429-2 1-Line Cordless Phone


4. Vtech CS6429    $28 - $75

Vtech 1856 1-Line Corded Phone


5. Vtech 1856    $40

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