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When you search for washer dryer and you get various choices such as single unit washers, stackable washers dryers, the all in one/combined washer dryers, portable/compact washing machines.

Mentioned below are some key points which should be kept in mind when choosing a washer and dryer which satisfies all your laundry needs.

Depending on the laundry habits, a family of 3-4 members can opt for a 3-4 cu.ft loading capacity which should be sufficient. If you have light or delicate clothes then machines with Steam wash options are suited. Steam softens the fabric allowing easy soil/dirt removal during the washing process. For heavy loads such as blankets, jeans etc top or front loading washers with larger capacity in the range of 4-5 cu.ft are useful.

Space constraints can be a major factor for those living in apartments/trailers. You can opt for washing machines which are stackable or the all-in-one/combo washing machines or the portable units. Machines labeled as stackable can be either placed side by side or on top of each other using stacking kits or mounting brackets.

The fast selling Portable washing machines are convenient when you do not have a dedicated water connection for washing clothes. These appliances use a sink faucet adapter to supply water for washing and later after completing your laundry these machines can be stored away.

Generally front loading machines take more time than top loading machines to complete the washing as the number of wash/spin cycles is more. By using the all in one/combo washing machines you can save on laundry time as the entire washing and drying process is carried out in a single unit.

A good washer dryer should be highly efficient in terms of energy, water usage. In front loading machines as less amount of water is used for washing, the energy required to heat air for drying is also less thus saving on the energy bill. Select the best Washer Dryer which has a 3 Star or higher energy standard rating. Typically high efficient machines are higher priced due to the initial investment and money spent for the specially formulated detergent.

Almost all the leading brand manufacturers have incorporated the Quiet technology into their washing machines to reduce noise and vibration levels to a minimum. It is achieved by antiVibration Design on the outer body panel of the machine. Manufacturers also use specially designed motors which have fewer mechanical parts to reduce noise. Direct drive technology is incorporated where there is no direct contact between the motor and washing drum which in turn reduces vibration and noise.

The Best washer and dryer listed below are the ones rated best based on the expert reviewers from around the web.

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Panda Small Compact 6-7lbs

Panda Small Compact Portable 6-7lbs Washer






Panda Small Compact Portable 6-7lbs
Samsung WF457ARGS
EdgeStar CWD1510W
Electrolux EIFLS60JIW
Maytag MET3800XW
Panda Small Compact Portable 6-7lbs Washer
Samsung Front Load Washer & Steam ELECTRIC Dryer WF457ARGSGR DV457EVGSGR
EdgeStar CWD1510W Ventless Combo Washer/Dryer
Electrolux IQ Touch Washer & Dryer EIFLS60JIW_EIMED60JIW_EPWD15IW
Maytag MET3800XW Washer/Dryer Combo
Release Date
Jan 2013
May 2012
Sep 2012
Nov 2011
Apr 2011
Washer Type
Portable Washer / Dryer
Steam Washer / Dryer
All-in-One Washer / Dryer
Steam Washer / Dryer
Stacked Washer / Dryer
Product Features
Small Portable washing machine goes anywhere with only 28lbs weight, Easy to operate, and powerful, Just fill with water and set timer, Perfect for Apartments,Dorms, RV,Travel,your second washer at home, One side of washing, one side of spinning, Launched on Jan,2013
Control and Monitor the Washer from your Smartphone with Smart Control- An 8-inch Touch Screen LCD makes it easier to select the right cycle and monitor wash time. The Smart Control app* on your smartphone allows you to remotely start the washer and notifies you when your laundry is done. *Wireless network required. Smart Control app available for iPhone 4/4S and Samsung Galaxy S/SII.
Ventless Cyclonic Action drying technology, Built-in water heater, Unique textured workspace top, Adjustable spin time (9 min. max), Three (3) soil level sttings, Self-clean setting, Front-mounted control panel & LED display, Customizable settings on all cycles, Triple compartment dispenser for deteregent, bleach & fabric softener, Automatic door lock.
Cleanest Front-Load Wash- Our front-load washer offers exclusive technology that gets your clothes the cleanest, Fastest Wash Time- 15 minutes to wash, ENERGY STAR Most Efficient- Rated ENERGY STAR Most Efficient, our washers are eco-friendly: up to 161% more energy-efficient and use 66% less water, Fastest Dry Time- Fastest dryer with just 14 minutes to dry
Dependable Clean Wash System, IntelliDry(R) Sensor, SpinSpray Rinse
Load Type
Top Load
Front Load
Front Load
Front Load
Weight Capacity
7.0 lb.

  • Get those Olympic logo socks over here, Usain Bolt, because the Samsung WF457ARGSGR/AA has one of the fastest Normal cycles we've seen, and the overall performance in terms of stain removal is satisfactory across the board. This MSRP $1,799 washer ($1,530 on sale), while certainly not the top contender, does a solid job nonetheless. We only wish that it was less expensive to run, more competitive in terms of clothes handling, and a bit better with water retention.

  • Though it's attached to a washer, the $1200 Maytag MET3800XW Dryer has good enough drying performance that it can compete against standalone washers.

    It lacks any customizable features or drying cycle options, and its high-up placement means some users may find it hard to lift wet laundry, but its small footprint makes it ideal for homes that are short on space and its overall solid performance makes it a real bargain-buy competitor too.

Top 5 washer and dryer:

  1. Panda Small Compact Portable 6-7lbs Washer
  2. Samsung Front Load Washer & Steam ELECTRIC Dryer WF457ARGSGR DV457EVGSGR
  3. EdgeStar CWD1510W Ventless Combo Washer/Dryer
  4. Electrolux IQ Touch Washer & Dryer EIFLS60JIW_EIMED60JIW_EPWD15IW
  5. Maytag MET3800XW Washer/Dryer Combo