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Most of the under $500 washing machines are slightly more advanced in their features than their lower priced counterparts. They have automatic water level control, fabric softener/detergent dispenser, temperature control, etc. Additionally the quiet or noise reduction technology is more sophisticated compared to lower priced washing machines. It is incorporated either in their external design or in their manufacturing unit.

The usual capacity is between 3 - 4 cu.ft but higher capacity washing machines are also available. Most of the budget washing machines under $500 are top loading. Being energy star compliant is also a point to note when buying these appliances as the energy consumption depends on the laundry load and the frequency of your washing routine. Safety is maintained by having the auto shut off feature which stops the machine when the lid is opened during operation. With minimalistic, practical design these best and economically priced below $500 washers are standalone fixtures and comparatively sturdy to prevent accidents/toppling over.

The clean and dry laundry which you get with washing machines available at prices less than $500 is something to think about when you have both time and space constraints. Choose the best washers under $500 considering the various models with the features that suits your needs.

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