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Garmin's GPS watches are some of the most favored GPS devices today for runners and other sportsmen/women.

If you're looking for a wrist mounted GPS, you're bound to put it to outdoor use, so most GPS watches have a waterproofing standard of IPx7. This is a pretty neat weather resistant rating as it allows your watch to be doused in water for almost 30 minutes without concern of any malfunction.

Apart from the hardy framework, one also needs to consider the size and weight being carried around on one's wrist. Garmin's hand mounts are light and weigh between 0.11lb and 0.16lb so there's no question of it weighing your arm down during that morning walk. Additionally many of these offer 8 hours battery life or more; and other benefits for fitness freaks, like calorie computation and distance tracking. What's more, these devices are available in stylish options from button operated interfaces to touchscreens with displays ranging from 1 inch to 1.6 inches.

The best Garmin GPS Watch however is more than just a training partner, it's also your guide no matter where you go. Garmin offers you GPS models which are integrated with The USA and UK maps, allows you about 100 waypoints and a USB connection so you can transfer any route related data from your PC.

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