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The best waterproof digital cameras typically fall in the $200- $400 range. The newer waterproof models have very good resolution and features such as in-built image stabilization and look pretty cool as well, so this can function not only as the best underwater camera but also as your primary point and shoot camera

If you are the adventurous kind and need a companion on your underwater travel adventures then the best waterproof digital cameras are for you. The best underwater cameras of 2013 are sturdy, rugged yet lightweight and take good quality pictures as well, making them a good bet for those beach expeditions or trekking trips. A good waterproof camera works up to 12m or more and in addition have shock, dust and freeze-proof features. Many of the models today have additional GPS tagging features as well.

The best waterproof cameras are on offer from Canon, Sony, Pentax and Olympus and are weather-proof rugged models. Waterproof cameras are especially handy when you are on vacation whether on the beach, scuba diving or on a skiing trip instead of carrying heavy equipment or a waterproof case for your normal camera.

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