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Waterproof GPS devices are resistant to rain, moisture and even dousing. Waterproofing standards are measured by the Ingress Protection Code(IP) - the higher the rating the more resistant to water the GPS is.

The lowest IP rating is IPX6 which is only sufficient to withstand a drizzle or moisture in humid regions. The next higher rating is IPX7, GPS devices supoorting which can survive being immersed in water up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. The highest is the IPX8 waterproofing rating which imparts GPS devices the ability to withstand submersion up to 3 meters for around 24 hours. The best waterproof GPS devices support ratings of atleast IPX7 and often IPX8.

Garmin has one of the largest collections of waterproof GPS devices, which are great for outdoor activities such as geocaching, hiking or jogging and are typically available around the $500 price point. The best waterproof GPS units are typically handhelds, encompassing good internal mapping abilities and points of interest, with built in maps of North America.

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