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Headquartered in Michigan, USA, Whirlpool is one of the Fortune 500 companies and a multinational leader in home appliances. Consequently, Whirlpool have the most competitive front loading and top loading washers in the market.

Whirlpool classify their washers into three broad categories: Traditional top loading units which are typically the cheapest, High Efficiency top loading units and High Efficiency Front loading machines which take the top place on the price ladder. The high efficiency washers are more recommended since, according to expert reviewers, they are said to be much more effective in their cleaning while also being lenient on your electricity bills.

Traditional and High Efficiency Top loading Washers

With the top loading washing machines from Whirlpool, you've got wide options as far as capacity goes- 2.1 cu.ft, 3.4 cu.ft, 3.6 cu.ft, 4.0 cu.ft and 4.6 cu.ft, so no matter what the size of your family, you've got the perfect size.

Those conventional concerns of not being able to view your clothes in a top loading washer has very neatly been put aside by Whirlpool's glass-lidded units. So you can stand around and observe the entire wash cycle if you please.

Additionally, their proprietary H2Low feature that automatically detects the amount of laundry you've put so as to draw in just enough water for the load. Apart from this, the best top loading washers from Whirlpool give you up to 700 rpm on the spin cycle, 12 wash cycle programs and an added feature called the Xtra Roll for a more effective wash.

High Efficiency Front Loading Washers

Whirlpool's front loading options use state-of-the-art technology to provide ultra high spin speeds of up to 1400 rpm with the necessary mechanism to provide a noise-free cycle, so it's a great option for apartments too. There's also a specific cycle that is certified to eliminate 99% of bacteria and allergens; while some of the best front loading washers implement Whirlpool's 12-hour FanFresher and dynamic venting technology. With this new amenity your machine comes with a built-in fan that tosses and fans your clothes dry.

Whirlpool front loading washers come in capacities of 2.0 cu.ft, 3.5 cu.ft and 4.3 cu.ft ; and give you 16 wash cycle programs along with a steam cycle and pre-soak option for resistant stains.

However, whether you pick a top loading or front loading unit, the best Whirlpool washers offer a stainless steel basket, quiet spin cycles and Energy Star rating; in one of three colour options most suitable to your home.

Whirlpool WFW96HEAU Front Load Washer


1. Whirlpool WFW96HEAU   

Whirlpool WFW94HEAW Washer


2. Whirlpool WFW94HEAW   

Whirlpool Duet WFW9151YW Stackable Front Load Washer


3. Whirlpool Duet WFW9151YW   

Whirlpool WTW4950XW Top Load Washer


4. Whirlpool WTW4950XW   

Whirlpool WFC7500VW Front Load Washer


5. Whirlpool WFC7500VW    $749

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