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With the support of inbuilt WiFi to a digital camera, it is more than just a camera and less of a smart phone. It should be noted here that the media quality which these cameras offer is far better than that of a smartphone. These WiFi cameras use 802.11b and 802.11g wireless computer networking technology to update the camera's software or upload your photos to web (including cloud backup in newer models) or to transfer them to a computer. This feature makes sharing, downloading and printing photos easy, thereby eliminating the usage of cables and card readers.

While some of the cameras need Wifi to control them remotely, using the display of your mobile device as a viewfinder, some other cameras use Wifi to tag the location of the photos using the smartphone's GPS receiver.

Currently, this Wifi feature is considered just as an add-on option, so there's a probability of not getting a desirable camera model with a Wifi option. In that case, Eye-Fi wireless SD cards will be of help, which work just like regular SD memory cards for storage and have a built-in Wi-Fi radio for wireless data transfer.

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