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Windows 8 operating system was developed mainly for touch-centric usage on tablets and laptops with touchscreens. Although this is the case, they are a few good number of latest desktops running this latest Windows OS, including the towers and the all-in-ones - for home and business use. Windows 8 comes as a successor to the widely acclaimed Windows 7 OS. Windows 8 offers performance improvements, security enhancements and an improved support for touchscreens (all-in-ones).

When the tower is connected to an external display such as a monitor, the user can make use of two interfaces: the new live-tile based metro UI and the regular Windows UI as in Windows 7 with slight changes. The desktop users can have an access to the Windows Store - an app store for the new interface. Another advantage of owning a Windows 8 desktop is that the whole ecosystem is optimized to the new generation cloud computing.

All the licensed Windows 8 desktops can get a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 in which the metro UI usage can be set as an optional thing. The upgrade also marks several other improvements of the OS.

The best Windows 8 desktops come from brands such as Lenovo, Acer, Dell and HP under the IdeaCentre, Aspire, Inspiron and Pavilion product lines respectively. Implementing processors from Intel and AMD along with on-board and discrete graphic processors from NVIDIA and AMD, many of these machines are available under the $400 price range.

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