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Currently Windows is leading in the personal computers category and iMacs covering the all-in-ones. The top brands in the printer segment are all vying to grab the all-in-one market too. The wireless printers manufactured by them should be compatible with both these two operating systems.

Running on the latest Mac OS X operating system (Mountain Lion), all the iMacs have the specifically designed AirPrint application for printing wirelessly with ease. Easily configurable to be part of the same WiFi network with minimum number of steps, the AirPrint requires only a wireless router to start printing. All the latest printers from all the top brands provide support for the mobile printing from any of your compatible Apple devices such as iPad and iPhones.

For the non compatible legacy printers which does have the AirPrint feature, the iMacs have the Bonjour service. As Airprint is based on the standard printing protocols used in all the printers, using this service the iMac will create a virtual platform through which they can communicate with these printers.

The best of the wireless printers which support iMac should have a minimum of 600 dpi print resolution. Using both the inkjet or laser technology, these wireless printers are capable of printing both color or mono prints. Usually seen in the home office setup, these printers offer a high throughput in terms of print quality, ppm (pages per minute), low first time print for both color and black/white printouts. Being wireless means less to be worried about space and annoying cables around. It also means less waiting time for printouts.

Take a look at the best wireless printers for iMac computers which are competitively priced and also good looking.

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