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The best wireless projectors has networking capabilities to communicate with an input device. The input device here can be a cellphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or any DVD player. The wireless projectors communicate with projectors cable-free using WiFi.

The best wireless projectors can project the computer screen, documents, presentations, movies and many more visuals wirelessly in real time.

Manufacturers such as Epson make use of special algorithms to have fast file transfer speeds and frame rates for faster, smoother animation and transitions between slides, streaming media including MPEGs.

The below listed top-rated wireless projectors are of DLP and LCD types providing contrast ratios of up to 3000:1. Many of the projectors support Full HD formats and are PC and Mac compatible too.

The best wireless projectors come from brands such as Epson, Infocus, Casio and Panasonic and can be bought at under the $1000 price range.

Buying tips to find the Best Wireless Projector of 2014

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