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The best wireless routers are the best WiFi routers for gaming focus on good bandwidth and speed for multiple clients.
For online gaming a home use wireless router is quite sufficient, but some game consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (PS3) are often used as TV Set Top boxes to play streamed media from the web. The best routers for PS3 typically require a faster network, more so when multiple clients are streaming simultaneously, which is best supported by a router with a Gb capacity - a wireless-N (802.11n) router with a speed of 300 â?? 600 Mb/s is a good option.

An alternative to using a Wireless-N router, is a dual-band router capable of supporting Wireless-N in two frequencies, 2.4Hz and 5Hz. In such cases, while the 2.4 HZ frequency is shared among home equipment like phones, Bluetooth etc., the 5 Gz frequency can be used for better performance while gaming.

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