Frequently Asked Questions

What are the bits of text shown with each product?

We call these bits of text as "snippets". Snippets are the relevant information that our patent-pending semantic analysis technology extracts from various review sources. These combined snippets give you a gist of the various reviews so that you don't have to read complete reviews from multiple sources and collate them.

How do you calculate ratings?

Ratings are calculated by aggregating experts' opinions about different features (like "Performance" in notebooks). Our patent-pending semantic analysis technology extracts snippets specific to various features from different reviews. Opinions expressed in these snippets are rated and consolidated to give you feature ratings. These feature specific ratings are then collated to give you a product rating. This rating gives you an overall view of the opinions expressed for this product by different expert reviews.

How are your ratings different from ratings provided by others?

Our ratings are highly authoritative, transparent and accurate.

Authoritative: We collect expert reviews from various trusted sources, e.g. CNet, PCWorld, dpreview, and process them automatically to extract the reviewers' opinions.

Transparent: Along with the ratings we show you the relevant snippets extracted from various review sources that corroborate the ratings.

Accurate: Our patent pending ranking algorithm gives highly accurate rankings and reflects true expert opinions.

How can these ratings help me?

Our product ratings give you an overview of the product and feature ratings help you in finding a product specific to your needs. When looking for a product, each individual gives different importance to different product features. For example, performance may be the most important criteria for you to buy a notebook, but other person may look for a notebook with excellent battery life or with best multimedia capabilities. Our search results will give you the notebooks having best ratings for the feature you are looking for. What's more, for each search result you will be shown snippets pertaining to the feature of your interest right there to help you quickly choose a product meeting your requirements.

Can the ratings be sponsored?

Ratings are calculated purely by our mathematical algorithms and cannot be influenced in any way other than the opinions expressed in the reviews that we aggregate.

How accurate is ReviewGist's semantic identification technology?

Even though the results that you get are almost 95% accurate, our technology is evolving and constantly being improved. Currently we combine a small manual filtering step with our semantic identification technology to ensure that we give you accurate results.

What else can I do on ReviewGist?

We also provide you actionable interfaces to compare reviews and specifications. (Select the "Compare" boxes on the search results for the products you want to compare and then click on Compare.)

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