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This list of the latest is narrowed down to the digital cameras which have been favorably rated by some of the top digital camera reviewers. Under this price range, most digital cameras offer camera resolution of up to 10 Megapixel which sufficient for point and shoot photography. Fuji and Olympus are typically behind some of the latest cameras under this price range, in the market today.

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Canon EOS M3

Canon EOS M3


Canon EOS M3
Canon EOS M3
Release Date
Jun 2015
Camera Type
Rangefinder-style mirrorless
24.0 Megapixel
Image Sensor Type
LCD Screen Size
3.0 in.
Image Sensor Size
26.81 mm

  • The new Canon EOS M3 is a much more serious compact system camera than the original EOS M that we reviewed back in 2012. It offers a raft of improvements clearly aimed at making it more enthusiast-friendly, along with a big reduction in the launch price. Still, there are some rather big flies in the ointment which mean that the EOS M3 lags behind the mirrorless competition, most notably the lack of a built-in viewfinder and the continued lack of native EF-M lenses.

  • While the M3 is very capable, the 18-55mm kit limits detail resolution significantly and the autofocus system has a habit of focusing on the background rather than the subject.

  • - Handgrip is shallow.
    - Dials hard to move.
    - Useful live view and great screen.
    - You can take complete control of the exposure and with confidence capture what you are seeing on the screen.
    - Many elements come together to make for an enjoyable overall user experience.
    - For the most part, the control layout is good, though.