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Our listing of the latest hard drive of 2013 shows devices which have been manufactured not more than a year ago from the present date. Seagate, LaCie, Western Digital, Toshiba, G-Technology and Kingston are some of the brands in the storage market with their currently produced hard drives.

The most recent hard drives are available in external enclosure with USB, SATA, FireWire and Thunderbolt interfaces. USB 3.0 is dominant in these current drives which deliver transfer speed up to 5 Gbps. USB hard drives are portable and easily pluggable. For even faster transfer speed up to 10Gbps, Thunderbolt hard drives are preferable. As of now, most of these Thunderbolt hard drives are Mac compatible. However, LaCie provides driver installation facilities for Windows users also in order to allow connectivity between Thunderbolt drives and their PCs.

Current hard drives have capacities ranging from 128 GB to 4 TB to accommodate your data. 4TB capacity is sufficient for storing enormous volume of data including your documents, photos, projects, audio and video files.

Spindles of these recent hard drives rotate at 7200 RPM speeds enabling quicker access to the data stored on these hard drives. Moreover, the external data transfer rate in these current hard drives is at least 250 Mbps for transferring the digital data from the hard drive to the system or vice versa.

Also, these hard drives contain better security features of password protection and hardware encryption to keep your data safe from theft.

Now is the time to pick the latest hard drive available with the most advanced storage technology.

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