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Many of the latest IP phones being released to the market have changes or enhancements to their existing basic call functionality. Call quality has significantly improved due to advancements made in the field of voice transmission over the internet.

Internet connectivity:
Innovation in web technology has made its way into the newest IP Phones. Some of the latest IP Phones offer the ability to transfer files or documents from USB's over the internet due to better connection speed. Data protection of your files is also an added enhancement to your phones with IP capability. The Internet protocols such as HTTP, TFTP, File authentication, media encryption etc which are used for secure data or media transfer are also used here. Thus the latest IP phones increases the overall work productivity of your team.

Color LCD with Touch screen interfaces are also giving the latest IP Phones an intuitive feel to your web or calling experience. Other features like pager services, built in clock , multi programmable keys, Power over Ethernet (POE) are also available in the latest IP Phones.

The latest IP phones shown below has improved upon the already existing features. Listed below are the newer versions of IP Phones of 2013.

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