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With the omnipresence of cell phones you might think landlines are dead. The latest phones even though may not match up to the range of operations and features which are offered by the cell phones, they are still useful.

Highlights present in the latest phones

One major plus point for the landlines is the increased security against hacking with the use of the latest technologies in the band transmission. The chances of hacking into your conversations is reduced drastically using the telephones which operate at the Dect 6.0, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz frequencies. These frequencies also offer better sound and call quality with minimal interferences from other Wifi networks working at the same frequencies.

Newer innovations in wireless and Bluetooth technology have been incorporated into the recent phones. You can use Bluetooth to link your cell phone to the landlines and avoid any missed calls. Using the remote access facility present in some of the Clarity phones, the elderly can have their phones programmed according to their needs with the help of a representative. While some of the current phones also display the online transcription of the conversation on the LCD screen using the available technology.

With the modern ergonomically designed phones it is possible to have a stylish look in your home and office establishments. The best phones are designed keeping in mind all the age brackets from young to old to the physically weak. Having larger display with clearer text fonts that shows the various features, it makes setting up your phone a breeze.

Many features such as conference calls, multi line options, handset expansion, integrated answering machines with call announcements, time stamp with date for the recorded messages are all part of the newer phones. Eco mode or the equivalent term used by different brands is also the newest feature included wherein it lowers power consumption when the cordless phones is nearer to the base units.

The top rated phones are updated either in design or technology to perform the basic phone operations with efficiency, reliability and thoroughness which we have come to expect from the landlines. Consider the listing shown below for the most current phones which are the best and has been released over the past few months.

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