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All the leading brands such as Samsung, Whirlpool, Maytag, LG are manufacturing washing machines with the latest technologies for making your laundry experience less stressful. Almost every year manufacturers release new models of washing machines with advancement in the Quiet technology, increased level of efficiency in terms of energy and water consumption, innovative and helpful features for the washing/drying process.

The drying process has also undergone technology changes to make the clothes drier and ready for use. To overcome the space constraints, the latest washers have the vented or ventless exhaust option to remove the hot air generated from your washer dryer which allows more flexibility in buying a unit.

The latest washers are very stylishly designed keeping in mind the customer base which it caters to. There is a lot of planning and designing going into the manufacturing. They use LCD displays for control, and accessing the menu options. Many brands use external anti vibratory designs on the side panels to prevent excess vibrations during its operation. They also use less machinery parts in the manufacturing of the motors to increase its life span.

With customers becoming smarter and more informed all the washer dryer manufacturers are all obliged to display the energy star guide when selling their appliances. The high efficiency front loading variants are the best washers available in the market. The comparatively high price is one drawback of these washing machines. But there are also economically priced washers even among the latest models with the basic features.

Listed below are the latest washers from the top washing machine manufacturers. Combining the reviews from experts all over the web, a comprehensive rating which enables you to make an informed choice when buying the best washers.

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