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Touch screen smartphones are available today with large 5" to 7" displays and are often referred to as "phablets". Why? Simply because, they've not only got the screen sizes, but also the capabilities of a smartphone as well as of a mini tablet. Consequently, the build and size of these phones fall somewhere between that of a smartphone and a tablet and hence the portmanteau word, "phablet".

The phablet sector is currently dominated by versions of the Android OS which are constantly subjected to updates and are privy to a host of entertainment and other valuable applications.

High end smartphones such as these 5" ones don't limit their credits to efficient operating systems only, they're also backed by powerful quad core processors of 1 GHz to 1.6 GHz speed; offer 3G and 4G internet support and Wi-Fi. Cell phone moguls like Samsung and HTC have brought out some of the best 5" cell phones in the market, that also sport some pretty cool photography through their 5 megapixel or higher, cameras.

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