Best Printers

Choosing the best printer to buy is a pretty tedious process because of the best printers cover a huge spectrum in terms of the purpose and the cost prices. Add to that the fact that there are several different technologies which are used in printers so choosing the best can often be daunting.

Printers come in basically four variants. Dot Matrix, Thermal, InkJet and Laser. The InkJet printers are the least expensive and are typically used for the home purposes. However these have a pretty high per page printing costs. The best desktop Laser printers are one step better form InkJets - they are more costly, though are much faster and give a much better image quality. For a more rigorous home use, or if you are into printing graphics you should go for a Laser printer. The Dot Matrix and Thermal printers are used specifically for business units and should only be considered if you have a good volume to print.

The best inkjet/laser printers in the market currently come from companies like Canon, Epson, Lexmark and HP. The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing the best cost effective printer to buy is that the cost of the printer is not what you pay upfront, but rather what you pay in ink costs over its usage. The biggest secret of the printer market (and how most printer company make money) is that for most printers the cost of the usage over a period as short as an year would easily increase its purchase price. Added to this, it has been a recent trend of eliminating the usage of wires for clutter free environment in offices with the advent of best wireless laser printers 2015 and all-in-one printers.