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Laser printing is digital printing that involves a xerographic printing process in which the image is generated as a laser beam is directly scanned across the printer’s photoreceptor, to produce text and graphics of high quality on plain paper.

The speed of Laser printers is contingent on a several factors including the graphic intensity of the job being processed and differs greatly with the fastest black and white modes printing over 200 monochrome pages and colour modes a 100 colour pages, per minute. Printers of such speeds are typically utilized for mass mailing of personalised documents like credit card or utility bills and are now vying with lithography in some commercial applications.

Furthermore, various factors go into determining the cost of laser printing, such as the price of paper, toner, and the replacement of the drum or other consumables like fuser and transfer assembly. Printers with soft drum can have very high cost of ownership which does not become apparent until the drum requires replacement.

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