Best Tablets

Tablets are the latest computing devices of slate shaped form factor which combine the performance and mobility features of PC's and smartphones. When compared to notebooks, tablets are generally commended for their instant start up and longer battery life; and when compared to smartphones, tablets tend to have faster processors.

Tablets basically operate on touch screen which also includes the interactive virtual keyboard and run on the specifically designed desktop-based or mobile operating systems. Some of the notable tablet operating systems are iOS, Android and Windows. The latest and high-speed advanced processors on tablets like Intel Core and NVIDIA are responsible for fast and smooth interfaces.

Tablets grant you the instant access to music, videos and games just by tapping their touch screens of various sizes (diagonal) ranging from 7 inch to over 10 inch. The best tablet displays have anti-reflective coating which help in eliminating the reflection from the screen itself, thereby improving the display efficiency. The highest-resolution screen tablets have up to 2560x1600 pixel resolution which display high definition and sharper images and offer bright screens and wide viewing angles.

Tablets generally have limited internal storage space between 8 GB and 128 GB, necessary for instant media consumption, like e-books, photographs and video clips, from the flash memory. Some tablets support memory expandability up to 32GB with the usage of SD cards. Apart from the device confined offline storage and along with the third party service providers like Dropbox, the best tablet manufacturers offer cloud storage services like SkyDrive from Microsoft for Windows and iCloud from Apple for easy online file access. The user data on tablets can also be synchronized via PC's

Tablets are designed for excellent and high-speed wireless web connectivity via Wi-Fi or SIM card supporting 3G and 4G speeds. HDMI port on some of the tablets let you connect them with larger screen displays like TV's and monitors. Some of the best and latest tablets even support web/SIM card-based voice and video calling with the use of inbuilt speakers, microphones and web cameras.

Since the advent of smart phone app stores, tablets have also been supporting numerous form factor-specific productivity applications and games(2D and basic 3D).