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The best all-in-one printer or multi-function printer (MFP) excels in quick printing, faxing, scanning and copying functions, all in a single case.

All-in-ones are Multi Function Printers which are typically much cheaper than individual copying, faxing, printing and scanning devices put together, not to mention more space saving. Most of them have all the essential features like auto duplex printing, meaning it prints both sides of the paper and saves on paper cost; and auto document feeders, which feed sheets one after the other automatically.

Additionally, look for a printer which has the paper capacity suitable to your needs. The more basic models hold 100 to 250 sheets although that might not be sufficient for heavy printing needs, in which case you could choose one with larger capacity or just additional paper feeders.
Furthermore, MFPs are generally ideal for non-professional photos; laser M models offer great high speed and are great if you donâ??t require graphics too frequently; while inkjets are best for colour graphics and are available for around $100. MFPs also incorporate 24-bit colour scanners that are capable of scanning business documents, charts as well as artwork; however, if you need professional quality scanning at 48-bit scans, youâ??ll have to purchase a separate high quality scanning unit.

The best all-in-one-printers are pretty affordable and offer you memory card slots and Wi-Fi access along with an LCD display to preview your documents before printing.

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