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Inkjet printers are the most commonly used printers and employ two disparate technologies, continuous and drop on demand, both of write data on paper by propelling ink droplets.

Commercial and industrial inkjet printers typically use piezoelectric material in an ink chamber behind each nozzle in place of a heating element, while Continuous inkjet technology is used commercially for marking and coding products, and incorporates a thermal inkjet process

Inkjet printers are quieter and produce better quality through finer details than dot matrix printers, due to higher printhead resolution. Although inkjets consume more expensive ink, they are relatively less costly to purchase compared to laser printers.
HP is currently the largest-volume manufacturers, supplying over 90% of printers for required for technical drawings, with their Designjet range featuring an 8 colour pigment ink system. Other suppliers of inkjet printers are Epson and Canon, producing wide-format printers, sold in comparatively smaller numbers

The best inkjet printers of 2013 are typically available from HP, offering all-in-one printers with copying and faxing capabilities under the $200 price range.

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