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The best battery life cellphones listing includes some of the best cellphones with atleast 15 hours of talk time. Also note that the cellphones with the best battery life of 2015 normally run on a Lithium-ion battery with a rating ranging above 2800mAh.

A good battery should be able to keep the phone up and running for a complete day when all its features (3G/Wi-Fi/music/camera) are used on an average basis.

Low to mid-end phones provide around 400 hours of standby time and more than 10 hours of talk time. A typical smartphone features around five hours talk time on 3G (2-3 times more on 2G) and 150 hours standby time. However, battery life drains much faster when you play media and games or surf the web.

So if you wouldn't be able to charge your phone more than once a day, it is advisable to buy a spare battery and keep it as backup. Additional accessories like car adapters and traveller kits are recommended for those who travel a lot.

Some phones like the iPhone, sport a sealed-in battery that Apple replaces for a $79 fee. Some may also ship with an extra battery. Otherwise, make sure that additional batteries suiting your phone are available in the market before buying the phone.
* Most phones pack in Lithium-ion battery ranging between 2000mAh and 3300mAh.
* Vendors conduct battery tests with custom settings which doest always reflect real-life usage scenarios.

Check out our list of longest standby phone, top rated by some of the best cellphone reviewers around the web.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5


1. Samsung Galaxy Note 5    $350 - $1,133

Huawei Nexus 6P


2. Huawei Nexus 6P    $499 - $889

Motorola Moto X Play


3. Motorola Moto X Play    $450 - $599

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+


4. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+    $960 - $1,287

OnePlus 2


5. OnePlus 2    $400

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