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The best camcorders for independent film-making also known as film-making video cameras and come with advanced manual controls needed for shooting and great image quality.

Independent filmmaking, whether low budget or otherwise, requires the services of a decent HD camcorder that can offer focus control, image control and that includes microphone and audio inputs, as well as a headphone jack. The more the customization the camcorder offers, the better for the film-maker.

Some of the best camcorders for independent filmmaking are not full-HD, but they compensate with the ability to record interlaced video at 1080p resolution. Also remember that It is advisable to look for camcorders with interchangeable lenses rather than going in for a cheap camera and an expensive lens adapter. Additionally, when you look up top-rated camcorders for filmmaking, look for a device that can record footage with enough latitude, allowing you to achieve cinematic looks.

Buying tips to find the Best Camcorder For Independent Filmmaking of 2014

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